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The power to adapt

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2020 is a year that will be remembered forever because of the Covid-19 virus.

We all know that and his huge impact changed our lives and our lifestyle forever. We faced (and we are still facing) a pandemic, our reactions were (and are still) evolving and of course none of us exactly know what future will bring to us. When I say us, I mean all humanity, all over the world no matter the skin color, no matter the money, no matter the social status.

All humanity comes together, holds its hands and fight. We will remembered as those who fought a lethal virus just sitting in home, avoiding leisure and practicing social distancing. We adapted.

This is the year of the true heroes, all those categories that never stopped working despite the danger, to save lives, to continue offer their precious service, to keep alive the humanity. 

Our lifestyle changed and we changed too. We were and we are still wearing masks to not spread the Coronavirus, we wash our hands better and more often, we buy and use more hand sanitizer. 

We selected 3 trends products to shout "Hey Covid, we adapted!"

1. LED musical mask

Face masks are part of our accessories, we match them with our style, clothing and mood and look how face masks became fashionable and trendy. So, why don't go for a face mask with a LED screen inside, a face mask that you can simply control with an APP on your smartphone and show everybody your words! Put a smile on their faces (even if you cannot see it). With its long lasting battery, you will have up to 8 hours to broadcast your custom message or some of the animation provided. Great! 


 2. Chlor-itizer

Seriously, how much did you spend this year on Clorox, Lysol, bleach and similar? Cleaning the house (especially during the lockdown) was my biggest hobby and I really spent A LOT! Then, I realized that it was not good for my pocket but it was even worse for the environment till I found this bottle: the Chlor-itizer! Combine water and table salt to create a cheap and valid cleaning supply! Electrolyzed saltwater (EW) has been around for centuries and is an alternative to chlorine. Use it everywhere you would use Clorox and more!


3. Christmas ornaments - Quarantine edition

What's the best way to remember this 2020? A dedicated Christmas tree ornament inspired by the true heroes of the year who saved all of us and keep doing their great job. Perfect for your Christmas tree or as a gift for family and friends and to share the memories with the youngest!




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